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go watch it, its good. But if you're an old fart who doesn't like profanity and such, avoid at all costs.

Characters Edit

Eren Jaeger Edit

Voice Actor: Casey May

The main character. Eren is shown as angsty.

He is frequently shown as being jealous of Mikasa's superior strength.

Eren hates Hannes, the reason being both him being a ginger and him being Eren's father. (potentially)

Views Levi and Erwin as his heros and even has a poster of them in his room, to which Levi comments "He probably jacks off to your eyebrows everynight Erwin." This eventually changes once he learns Levi is a clean freak aswell as a constant drunk and Erwin just just... fucking... weird...(I think he might be captain america)

Has a plan with Armin to see the outside world inspired by Adolf Hitler's fascist Geography Atlas or some shit...

Managed to make a fucking retard out of himself during basic training when learning you have to put a belt loop on properly ,which he never new about, even though it was sitting unfastened, like Hannes on top his mother, over his ovaries.

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